It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend

Unannounced game, reveal pending

What to expect:

  • Non-linear gameplay

    Decisions have effects, bear that in mind. Depending on which way you choose, the result can be a severly different one.

  • Endless possibilities

    Explore a sandbox in which you decide. There's always more than one way, and often times not only one.

  • Cooperative mode

    You are not alone. Fight together with friends or strangers who could eventually become one.

All about us

Who we are...

Abyss Entertainment is an Arizona-based indie studio specializing in game development. Led only by young German computer scientist Nick Annora, Abyss is a one-man project supported by the voluntary help of family and friends.

With a year-long passion for game development that reaches all the way back to his childhood years and several artistic interests like music, writing, and drawing, Annora is packed with all skills needed to create a captivating gaming experience.

...and what we want

Abyss in its indie position enjoys undeniable freedoms and absolute control. With future growth, we will remain in this role and stay true to our core values. The drained triple-A industry declines into an unsatisfying money-making machine while players are left with hardly any alternatives. One reason more to put your trust in small studios, we say. Give us a chance and we’ll prove worthy.

What makes Abyss


Our motivation is to deliver a product always up to the highest quality. Don’t hesitate to report any inconvenience you may encounter and help build the best experience for all.


Whether it’s prices, future plans, or whatever you should know about. We display anything important with absolute transparency. This way you stay informed and build trust.


You are much more than just customers. You are community and together we create Abyss. Classic consumership was yesterday. Consider yourself friends in our circle.